Your support through membership is vital to the local community.

  • Your Chamber is the voice that represents the business community. We are often consulted for feedback or to give input into government decision-making. We hold meetings with and make submissions to Council on your behalf to convey concerns about developments or to lobby for services. The more diverse our membership the better our representation of community views and the ability to attract funding for community projects.
  • Networking in the community is an important role for the Chamber. We are available to take your concerns and issues to all levels of government. Our members are often too busy running their own businesses to devote time to such things and we are stronger as a group.
  • Membership offers you the chance to voice your ideas and concerns at our general meetings and the opportunity to vote for representative Committee members at the Annual General Meeting. We welcome feedback at any time, of course, and aim to faithfully represent the views of our members.
  • Committee members meet monthly; their contribution and time offered is voluntary.  All decisions are democratically decided, based on the best available information and after considering all potential options and views presented to deliver the most beneficial outcomes for our members and wider community. We strive to attract committee members to represent a diverse range of interests and abilities. The position of President can only be held for a maximum of 2 years under our constitution. Our current Committee members consist of David Spain (Secretary), Peter Hughes (Treasurer), Diana Roberts (President), Teresa Biscoe (Vice President), and Samantha Allen (Apothecary), Kylie Cain (The Greenbank), Caroline Todd (Hemp Embassy) and Stephanie Seckold (Nimbin Markets and 7 Sibley St.).
  • We strive to provide members with up-to-date information. We took on this role during last year’s fire emergency and during this current Covid-19 crisis with the regular posts via community information networks and regular updates on Chamber projects and actions via Chamber Chat in the Nimbin Good Times. Minutes from monthly Committee meetings are available here.
  • The Chamber receives funding through a Special Business Rate Levy, collected from business property owners in the main street to support economic development. After lobbying Council, the special business rate levy is now delivered to the Chamber annually to be spent on village economic development initiatives. This is currently around $16,000 per annum. Most recently funds have been directed to mural restoration (funding a new mural at the entry to the car park, contributing to the refurbished School of Arts mural, revamping the northern village entry sign), lighting up Nimbin (a solar lighting project to light up under shopfront awnings and the murals) and sponsorship of various local events (Mardi Grass, Poetry World Cup, Nimbin Roots Festival). We value your input into dispersing these funds for future projects.

representing community

Some of the other activities your Chamber engages in on the community’s behalf include:

  • Undertaking extensive submission writing on behalf of the community to planning documents such as the Nimbin Development Control Plan, the Sport & Recreation Plan, Council’s draft budgets, the Nimbin Parking Strategy, the Growth Management Strategy and the local strategic planning strategy.
  • Engaging in regular liaison with organisations like Destination NSW, Business NSW and Lismore City Council resulting in many of the outcomes listed.
  • Providing Letters of Support for local organisations applying for grant funding.

2021 activities

  • Launched and continue to promote the Buy Local Campaign to encourage community support for local producers and businesses.
  • Successfully lobbied over many years for the Nimbin Development Control Plan to be reviewed (now currently underway).
  • Participated in the bushfire disaster and engaged with the disaster recovery process and facilitated fund raising events.
  • Lobbied for more appropriate village and community policing.
  • Conducted surveys of businesses and visitors to better inform our decision-making and to support grant applications.
  • Financially contributed to the acquisition of Aquarius Park which will become a major feature of Rainbow Road.
  • Wrote the grant application that successfully obtained $2.56m for the Rainbow Road walking track.
  • Lobbied LCC for inclusion of tourism support funding in their 2021/2022 budget after the closure of their Visitor Information Centre (VIC) in Nimbin, resulting in the provision of wages for a designated Tourism Officer located at a new self-funded VIC now underway at the Bush Theatre.

funding grant

We received a grant from Resilience NSW of $117,647 to fund a new Nimbin Tourism Initiative which includes:

  • Extensive new visitor signage including new village entry signs, plaques on buildings telling Nimbin stories and history, and promotion of the Nimbin Soundtrails app.
  • A new visitor brochure about Nimbin with a QR code linking to websites and a pictorial village map centrefold with business tenants identified.
  • We've refreshed the Chamber's website and will deliver a comprehensive guide to all Nimbin businesses, including sole traders and online businesses, providing more information about your enterprise, images upload and links to your own website and social media pages.
  • The project also includes updating the (previously managed by Lismore City Council's Nimbin Visitor Information Centre, now closed). Both websites will be hosted on a Council owned platform, resulting in savings for the Chamber into the future, ensuring the business directory of members is reflected on both website platforms and ensuring a regularly updated 'What's On' in Nimbin for the benefit of locals and visitors.
  • Businesses of particular interest to visitors are invited to nominate their business for additional promotion on the tourist focussed website with a professional photo shoot to feature your business on the #1 google ranked Nimbin visitor website. Up to 40 Nimbin businesses can be included for this featured option.
  • Businesses and community organisations are also invited to register any special events, exhibitions or entertainment programs for inclusion on the Nimbin 'What's On' calendar, which will be regularly updated and available via the linked websites.
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