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The original Nimbin Aquarius Festival was held in Nimbin from 12 – 23 May 1973. 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the festival, an event that undoubtedly had a long-standing regional impact with many “radical ideas” taking root in the mainstream. These ideas include “aspirational concepts” such as intentional communities, sustainable technology, permaculture, maximum local self-sufficiency & self-management, natural therapies and home birthing.

The festival had an impact on the many thousands who participated, far beyond those who promptly settled in the Nimbin district to “build the dream”. Over the past 12 months the Chamber has been fielding inquiries from outsiders wanting to know what is planned or if they could contribute.

The Chamber has a limited list of ideas and contacts but has canvassed interest within the wider community. At present we are envisaging a series of freestanding events, not a centrally-organised festival.

What are we seeking?

We are seeking expressions of interest in developing a program of events to run between 12-23 May 2023.

The program, when developed, would include details of themes, venues, day/s, time/s etc.

For each event option there must be identification of its managers or hosts, resources required, the means of delivering them posited and grant opportunities or other funding sources.

Program details

Prior to commencing detailed program development, the wider community is to be canvassed to gauge interest in putting on an event during the 10 days. The Chamber is particularly keen to spotlight progress on earthing “aspirational concepts”, to engage youth and to see a program developed that has a clearly defined Indigenous component.


The program of events compiled under the EOI is to be completed by end July 2022, so as to allow for grant funds to be sourced.  Brief monthly updates are to be given to the Chamber Executive

In submitting an EOI, please include relevant qualifications/experience; demonstrate knowledge of the local community; demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the Aquarius Festival on the region (and indeed on national culture); identify how you would approach the project; propose mechanisms for community consultation and broader engagement; and specify how you envisage charging for the work – an hourly rate or a lump sum – and an estimate of the total cost. Please also provide an ABN and GST registration status.

Applications are to be made to the Chamber email address by close of business  22nd April 2022.


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