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About the Loving Local Lismore Gift Cards

Lismore City Council launched the ‘Loving Local Gift Cards’ in 2021, and is collaborating with the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry to pilot the program in Lismore.

Customers can load as littles as $10 up to $1000 onto the card, which can only be spent in Lismore participating businesses. Each card gives the holder plenty of choice.

Every time a Loving Local Gift Card is loaded, 100% of the money heads straight back to local businesses.

The 2022 floods have had devastating impact across Lismore and the region. Lismore City Council are working to support business recovery, and will share updates to the map of participating stores where our community can load up and redeem gift cards.

You can also buy the cards online here and find out more about local businesses reopening here.

The community gift cards are designed to help keep money within our community by encouraging people to shop locally, and are delivered through the Why Leave Town (WLT) program.

About The Why Leave town gift cards

Get Involved

We invite Lismore businesses – across retail, services, food, groceries, sports, health, culture and entertainment – to join the Loving Local Gift Cards program.

It’s free and easy to sign up, get marketing materials, and get involved in the Loving Local Gift Card network so that customers can use the gift cards at your store. There are also opportunities for the gift cards to be used for prizes, sponsorship, corporate gifts and relief support.

This is a key promotional and support campaign as part of the Business Activation Plan, funded through the Special Business Rate Variation Levy and Lismore City Council.

We look forward to sharing more soon about the Loving Local Gift Cards, particularly to support local shopping through the flood recovery process.

Join the Program

Lismore Businesses can join the Lismore Gift Card program.

Handy Resources

Here are some handy information resources.

  • Introduction to the Loving Local Gift Card and WLT program in Lismore
  • Why Leave Town FAQ for businesses
  • Why Leave Town FAQ for customers

More Information

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