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Lismore Masters Games
Sept 23-25

Please read the following conditions of entry prior to signing the indemnity statement. If you don’t understand any facts or conditions please contact the games coordinator for clarification. You must sign the indemnity.

1. Fitness to Enter
I am in good physical condition and health making me capable of competing in the number and type of events for which I have entered in the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games. If I (the undersigned) have any doubts about my physical condition or health, I will consult with my General Practitioner/Heath Professional in order to obtain advice about my competitive and social capabilities.

2. Injury Procedures
If I sustain an injury or illness whilst participating in the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games I authorise medical staff to perform and administer emergency medical attention as they think necessary.

3. Rules
I will abide by the rules and regulations issued by the Lismore Workers Masters Games Organising Committee. I will observe all written and oral instructions given by authorised personnel at the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games. I acknowledge failure to comply with the designated rules may result in my disqualification from the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games.

4. Age Policy
I acknowledge that unless stipulated otherwise in the Entry Form all competitors must have reached the minimum age for competition as indicated for each sport by 31 December 2022. Furthermore, I accept that I may be required to provide proof of age. In the instance of team sports, the team organiser is responsible for not allowing under aged competitors on to the field or court of play. If found in breach of this rule disqualification may be enforced by the Games Committee. Fees will not be refunded in this instance.

5. Drug Policy
The 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games condemns the use of classified substances for the purpose of performance enhancement as potentially dangerous to health, contrary to the ethics of sport and incompatible with the philosophy of Masters Sport. The 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games recognises that some substances, which are classified as performance enhancing by recognised authorities, maybe used by people in the masters age groups as medically prescribed or therapeutic substance. I agree to adhere to the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games position on drugs in sport and understand that I may be required to undertake random drug testing.

6. Promotional Marketing
I hereby give the Council the unconditional right to use at its discretion photographic pictures and personal information on me in any form of media, art, advertising, trade, visual documentary, promotional material, and merchandise or film coverage of any kind without compensation to me or approval by myself. I will not make any unauthorised reproductions or copies of the Corporation Logo or likeness without written permission from the Council. I allow the Games Committee to provide my contact details to Masters Games Officials and sponsors for direct mail purposes.

7. Team Sports
Team sports and team events – the team organiser must complete the team list form and batch all team members’ entries together. Individuals who wish to participate in a team sport may enter on an individual basis and every endeavour will be made to place them in a team. If you are entering a team sport as an individual, you should contact the Coordinator for the sport concerned to discuss your particular requirements.

8. Closing Date for Entries
The closing date for entries into the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games is 11.00pm, 14 August, 2022. Any entries received after this date will only be accepted at the discretion of the Games Committee. I accept that should my entry be received after this date I may not be guaranteed an opportunity to compete at the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games.

9. Refund Policy
I accept that some sports may fix a maximum or minimum number of participants due to venue capabilities or other restrictions. If my entry into a sport is not accepted due to insufficient places being available or the sport is unable to be conducted due to insufficient numbers, I am entitled to a full refund of my sport fee. Furthermore, if I am unable to secure a place in any other sport of my choice and I do not attend the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games, I am entitled to a full refund of the Games Registration Fee. I accept that any application for refund, apart from that covered in the preceding paragraph, will be considered only if it is received by the Council prior 4.00pm September 1, 2022. In the event that such a refund is awarded after this date, I agree that it will be $30.00 GST Inc plus the sports fee. Furthermore, I accept that there is no refund on accompanying person’s fee.

10. Weather Refund Policy
Should activities be cancelled in total due to weather problems, no refunds of either Games or Sports fees will be forthcoming, however alternative activities may be offered. Should such an incident occur (we hope it won’t). The Games Committee would have incurred almost all expenses associated with hosting the Games. Hence refunds due to weather cancellations are not possible. 

11. Insurance
I accept that the sports injury insurance taken out by the Council provides benefits in the event of death or disability as well as a range of additional benefits such as ambulance cover, non-Medicare medical expenses, student assistance, home help, rehabilitation, but is not a full indemnity for loss or damage which I may suffer at the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games. If additional coverage is preferred this must be arranged by me at my cost. Details of the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games sports injury cover is available if required. The individual sports will provide a first aid service during the Games to assist with injuries of an immediate nature.

12. Suspensions
I accept that if I am subject to suspension or ban imposed on me by a recognised sporting body applicable during the 12th Lismore Workers Masters Games, I will make this information known to the Games Committee and the relevant Sports Convenor. I accept that my entry may be refused by the sports organising the events I have entered due to suspensions or bans.

13. COVID-19 or Government-related travel restrictions as at 22 February 2022

If the event is cancelled, or entries restricted, due to COVID-19 or restrictions placed by government preventing the staging of the Lismore Workers Masters Games, we will refund all fees paid.

Should an entrant have COVID-19 like symptoms, have COVID-19 or be a close contact of a COVID-19 case, we encourage them to be responsible by staying away from the event. If they are affected in these circumstances or a government health order prevents them from attending, we will refund all fees paid.

To process a refund please email with your contact details and a reason for withdrawing from the event.

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